Eos Scientific provides a wide range of scientific services including; chemical testing, toxicology data research, regulatory guidance, formulation of new vaping & CBD products, and CBD novel food application submissions.

We are uniquely positioned as a UK-based consultancy to help manufacturers and businesses with eliquid and nicotine analysis and preparatory services for compliance within the industry as well as CBD analysis and product development.

Testing with Eos Scientific not only makes sure that you supply safe and quality products but gives you an edge in a competitive market.

CBD Novel Food

Comply with the EFSA/FSA novel food legislation applied to CBD containing foods with our CBD Novel Food submission services.

CBD Testing and Analysis

It’s vital to ensure your CBD products are safe for consumers and conform to regulation. That’s where Eos Scientific come in.

CBD Product Development

With the global CBD industry constantly growing, now is your opportunity to enter the market and take advantage of that growth.


Our UK-based laboratory is purpose-built specifically for eliquid formulation and analysis, with the ability to perform all testing required for TPD eliquid approvals. We will also offer recommendations for packaging to make your product TPD-compliant, and give you the option of preparing and submitting your final proposal on your behalf.

Other Services

Chemical Testing

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Our team of expert scientists undertake chemical testing on a large range of chemicals and products to give clients a certificate of analysis, with methods able to be developed to cater for your needs. Services we offer include a GCMS Screening, complete with full breakdown and ICP-MS analysis for heavy metals.

Eliquid Analysis

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This series of tests screens out the components of your eliquid, including nicotine percentage, PG/VG percentage, and uncovers any undesirable compounds such as diacetyl, acetylpropinoyl, acetoin, or diethylene glycol. It also detects any Tobacco-Specific Nicotine Nitrosamines (TSNAs)

Quality Control and Analysis

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It is key to have all the right levels of quality control in place.  At Eos Scientific we carry out the following tests to help maintain quality control: (Standard turn around time of 10 working days)

  • Nicotine Levels
  • Undesirables: TSNA, Aldehydes, Heavy Metals, Extractables and Leachables
  • Eliquid Hardware
  • Stability Testing
  • Emissions Testing

Formulation of Vaping and CBD Products

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Our team of scientists can work with you to formulate and develop a wide range of vaping and CBD products ready to launch into the UK and EU markets, all using tested materials in our lab.

Toxicology Data Research

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Our Toxicology Data Research services aim to provide in-depth analysis of the potential health effects that could occur from the consumption or use of your products.

Our expert teams undertake this research in our state of the art, UK based labs and provide you with a full breakdown of findings.

SDS Writing and CLP Advice

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Our dedicated compliance officers can write fully compliant safety data sheet (SDS) information and also provide advice to help you conform with The EU CLP Regulation which aligns the European Union system of classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances and mixtures to the Globally Harmonised System.

Vapour Emission Testing

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Our vapour emission testing uncovers any undesirable compounds in your eliquid vapour, such as: Aldehydes – including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acrolein, even in low parts per million quantities. Heavy Metals – to parts per billion quantities. Tobacco-Specific Nicotine Nitrosamines (TSNAs) – to parts per billion quantities. Vapour Screening of ingredients to find undesirable compounds.

These tests are offered as part of a TPD submission package or standalone, each with a Certificate of Analysis provided.

Regulatory and Toxicology Advice

Regulatory and Toxicology Advice

TPD Submission

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We have a seamless process from the receipt of your samples to delivering your reports on time. Having your products tested not only makes sure that you supply safe and quality products but gives you an edge in this competitive market.

We give you a very clear and easy to understand report and our experts are easily available if you need assistance in interpreting the test results. We can also aid in understanding what the regulation requires and what is permitted under the TPD, offering advice towards the use of certain chemicals.

Nicotine Dose Consistency Test

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Our Nicotine testing gives a result for the concentration of Nicotine or Nicotine Salt within your product, presented on a Certificate of Analysis, for either TPD submission or otherwise. Additionally, the Nicotine Dose Consistency can be measured across a range of samples or batches to give assurances on the quality of production.

New Product Development

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We have a proven track record in delivering services for new products having been at the forefront of the industry pre TPD.  Eos Scientific can help with:

  • Flavour Development
  • Blend Development
  • Ongoing Manufacturing QA/QC

Nicotine Analysis

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With the TPD in full force alongside the PMTA we deliver a range of services to help ensure your product is compliant.

About Us

Eos Scientific is your trusted partner in testing and analysis of eliquid, nicotine and CBD products, also providing regulatory guidance for businesses.  We also deliver detailed chemical testing for quality control purposes and provide full toxicology data research.

Our product development chemists and toxicology experts use the latest equipment in labs, purpose built for the testing of safety, quality and consistency and in the testing of other chemical substances. We create detailed toxicology monographs and can guide you through the compliance process.

Furthermore our expertise in product development has helped launch an array of new and first-of-their-kind products into both the eliquid and CBD markets.

Eos Scientific has significant experience with all parts of the process required for a successful TPD submission and is leading the way in analysis in the CBD industry.

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