Flavour and Aroma Profiling

Profiling concerns the quantification, identification and characterisation of sensory elements in any consumable product. At Eos Scientific flavour profiling is done at molecular level.

For example as part of our process the Eos Scientific Flavourologists work out the exact compounds that make up the flavours you want.  Those compounds are then broken down so your flavour can be manufactured on a grand scale.  It’s a 100% bespoke.

We can develop any flavour to your specific requirements.  Truly understanding that which gives your product its unique flavour is the very heart of optimising your business, your processes and of course resolving any flavour issues.

We will profile volatile and non-volatile compounds in your product and identify the important elements that makes your flavour unique.  The result is the constant evolution of your business.

Flavour Profiling at Eos Scientific

The important first step is to identify the flavour elements and compounds present in your product.

Then we give each of the character notes a value based on its intensity. Flavours are ranked in order of appearance, and can be further broken down into the initial flavours, the mid-palate and the end flavours.

Then we’ll look to the aftertaste, uncovering how long each lasts and how intense is the flavour.  Analyse the aftertaste – do the flavours evolve? How long does the perception of flavour last and what is its intensity?

Finally we’ll look at the how well the flavours integrate, focusing on how the detectable and background flavours blend and how this affects the final sensation.

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