It may be important for your business to measure for environmental performance or limit the impact in a particular environment. Eos Scientific can help, undertaking environmental testing and sampling to help your business with quality control and testing to regulatory requirements.


Water Testing

In a rapidly changing environment water quality needs to meet the highest standards and the national framework on quality.  Eos Scientific can help your business with the increased pressures through its comprehensive water quality testing service.

Eos Scientific provides water testing for a range of requirements including domestic, commercial and industrial.

You may require water testing for heavy metals in drinking water to be fully compliant with regulations, or require testing for excess contaminates discharge in industrial processes.   Stagnant water increases the risk of Legionella’s bacteria and you may require testing if you’re a business owner or a landlord.

Our water testing covers a variety of water systems and courses, including swimming pools, ground water, surface water, waste water and water recirculation systems.  We’ll analyse chemical parameters and detect any contaminants.

Or you may find regular sampling is a more cost effective solution for your business.

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Soil Testing

Using our expert knowledge of testing Eos Scientific can help you meet all the requirements for soil quality compliance, and quality control purposes.  Testing with Eos Scientific helps you understand soil fertility, the nutrient content of your soil and indicates the presence of potentially harmful materials including volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, metals, petroleum and oil-based compounds.

If your business is civil engineering or the farming community, the quality of your topsoil and subsoil is an important aspect of your industry.  Furthermore, testing may be also required if your industry includes public and private landscaping or public spaces too.

Eos Scientific analysis can make sure you’re getting the most from your soil, while testing to help you with regulatory soil requirements.

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Sediment Testing

The sediment left behind after a flood can have a major impact on the environment. Eos Scientific can test quickly test sediments to ensure any environmental damage is kept at a minimum.

Sources of contamination might include fuels and oil spillage, household waste and areas where fly-tipping is prevalent, industrial areas, chemical spillage, sewage or farms.  Our team of scientists analyse the flood water and remaining sediment and we’ll help you by identifying any contaminants to aid the timely assessment of impact to the environment and the potential risk to public health.

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Air Quality Testing

High air quality is increasingly important in terms of employee welfare and general environmental health.  It brings economic savings too.   By monitoring air quality your business can quickly deal with any potential air quality issues, and possibly prevent any problems before they arise.

Air pollution is also the largest environmental risk to health across the globe and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has linked millions of premature deaths to exposure to air pollution, from indoor and outdoor sources.

In buildings damp carpets, ceilings and old pieces of furniture can cause volatile and potentially hazardous contaminants to be released into the air and can be dangerous if ingested.

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