Quality Control and Safety Assessments of Shortfills

Shortfills are now the leading vape product for many businesses. They aren’t regulated under Tobacco Products Directive.

And while consumers might be unaware of the of the ingredients and without proper labelling a consumer cannot make an informed choice…

…more seriously the product could contain harmful elements. And that could be a serious and costly problem for any eliquid business.

The Tobacco Products Directive Strengthened the Rules on How Eliquids are Manufactured, Produced and Presented

The governing agency in the UK, the MHRA, said that certain products are outside of the scope of the TPD and do not have to meet its requirements. This includes 0% nicotine eliquids – and this was the very reason for the invention of the shortfill.

They could be bigger, by-passing the TPD regulations of the standard nicotine-containing 10ml bottles. But any products being placed on the market are still regulated under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR).  Including eliquids.

GPSR requires that only safe products are sold on the market. It also imposes certain controls to ensure the safety of goods sold to consumers.

Shortfills may not be regulated under the TPD but businesses making shortfills still have a legal responsibility under the GPSR.

Under the GPSR the producer, or legally defined representative of the producer,  commits a criminal offence if an unsafe product is placed on the market. And with the TPD rules now embraced by the industry, and testing so easily available a defence of ‘Due Diligence’ on an untested product is highly risky.

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are your shortfills complying with legislation?