Eos Scientific’s Dr David Dawit Says the “Public is More Ready Than Ever to Accept CBD-based Products…”

Speaking recently, Dr Dawit Chief Scientific Officer at Eos Leisure Ltd, which includes Eos Scientific, said that although full legalisation of cannabis is not yet on the cards the public are ready to embrace CBD.

He told the Verdict website that the public now see it in the same way hemp is viewed – as being different to recreational cannabis.

Dr Dawit added: “…it is important not to confuse the recreational use of cannabis with the applications of CBD in the UK. Key efforts in the cultural debate will seek to depoliticise the medical benefits of CBD.

“As we have seen from the rising sales figures of CBD in Holland & Barrett, many of the public are ready to embrace these products in the same way that hemp, while associated with cannabis, is rarely viewed in the same frame. Recreational use of cannabis in the UK may be a long way away but CBD’s retail applications do not and should not form part of that ongoing debate. Keeping this in mind, the future of CBD applications in the UK retail sector looks bright.”

Read the full article on the Verdict.co.uk website here.

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