CBD Product Development

Eos Scientific has a proven track record in delivering services for new product development, including ranges such as; Ambience Everyday, Ambience Apothecary, Ambience CBD Eliquid, Just CBD and many more.

How We Can Help You

Flavour Development

Blend Development

Ongoing Manufacturing QA/QC

Concept and Audience

Before we begin the process of developing and formulating any CBD products we will work with you to identify, understand and validate your target audience. This early market research stage will allow our qualified chemists to undertake the formulation and development process.

Product Development Planning

After the concept has been finalised our chemists will begin the formulation and development of your products and will also be in a position to develop a clear and concise manufacturing process. The results of this process will allow you to analyse the costs and time of the process to enable you to understand the financial feasibility of it.

Our team will also ensure that your products comply with all necessary regulation (eg: THC levels are below 1% per ml)

Sensory Testing & Evaluation

After we have formulated and developed a product sample we will undertake in-house sensory testing to allow us to gather feedback and fine-tune your products.

At this stage we will also carry out further CBD testing and analysis in our state-of-the-art, UK based laboratory.

CBD Product Manufacturing

When your product has passed through all of these stages and you are happy with it, manufacturing can begin.

Working with our sister company Eliquid Solutions we have full manufacturing capabilities to produce a wide range of CBD Products including; skincare, eliquid, edibles and much more…

Packaging and brand development

We can also help to give your business the best possible chance of success from day one by nailing the branding and visual appeal. By working alongside our in-house design team, you can bring your ideas to life and develop a brand that your customer will love and trust.

Want to Know About Our CBD Testing Services

As one of the UK’s leading providers of CBD analysis and testing services we are well placed to help you ensure that your CBD products comply with all of the latest industry regulations by undertaking and reporting on a wide range of common issues.

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