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Having been through Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) submissions as a British eliquid manufacturer, Vapemate, and faced with the prospect of the Tobacco Products Directive coming into effect, we built a laboratory to test and analyse our own eliquids in preparation for our TPD submissions. Now we can use the same equipment and expertise to assist other eliquid manufacturers with TPD compliance testing, reporting and regulatory advice.

Eos Scientific can do the analysis require to test your eliquid for safety and consistency, produce your toxicology monographs and guide you toprocess your submissions to the MHRA for your product notifications – we can even do it on your behalf.

Many scientific or TPD compliance companies are set up to do the analysis and reporting, but leave it up to you to create the MHRA submission for compliance. Eos Scientific has significant experience with all parts of the process required for a successful TPD submission and we can help you through every part of the process.

Simon Manthorpe

Simon Manthorpe

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Rayner

Chief Technology Officer

Rob Harvey

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. David Dawit

Chief Scientific Officer

Simon Manthorpe

Nick Ridgment

Business Development Director

Florentina Buscan

Project Manager

Bowie Cheong

Scientific Officer

Since 2013

Established in May 2013 as an eliquid manufacturer, we have more than three years industry specific expertise to leverage.

Our Mission

Simple and affordable TPD preparatory services. The perfect partner to ensure your business is well positioned for the future.

TPD Champions

Working closely with the MHRA and industry partners, we are uniquely positioned to support you through this challenging time.

Technology Driven

Latest & industry standard scientific instruments used for analysis.

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